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The most complex legal industry requires from a consultant both detailed knowledge of special norms in the field of insolvency (bankruptcy) legislation and the ability to understand the peculiarities of numerous and ambiguous court practices, going hand in hand with comprehensive knowledge in almost all areas of law.

As for creditors, we provide them with strategic information on bankruptcy, initiate a bankruptcy case, include our clients in the register of creditors' claims, accompany arbitration managers, assist in carrying out activities for finding and establishing property, accounting and inventory, property estimation and subsequent bargaining. We challenge transactions, collect damages, bring to subsidiary liability.

As for debtors, we help them to maximally protect their interests and assets, as well as we support controlling persons affiliated with the debtor at any stage of the bankruptcy procedure. Due to our assistance the debtor shouldn’t be afraid of recovering the damages and being brought to subsidiary liability on debt restructuring. We advise our clients experiencing temporary difficulties on possible risks in the bankruptcy procedure and elimination of negative consequences.

As for arbitration managers, we wish them to be independent and competent professionals in the field of bankruptcy! Our team provides arbitration managers with support, helping to conduct bankruptcy procedures in a timely manner, observing a balance of interests of the persons involved in the case, minimizing the risk of recovering losses and other negative consequences in the bankruptcy case.

Our progress

Since March 2020 our company has been consulting and supporting legally more than 45 bankruptcy proceedings on behalf of creditors for the amount of over 9 billion rubles while on behalf of debtors for the amount of more than 3 billion rubles in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Stavropol, Smolensk, Voronezh, Ufa, Norilsk, Saransk, Khanty-Mansiysk, Vladikavkaz.

12 constituent entities of the Russian Federation

Dispute resolution

We are acting on behalf of the contractor in a dispute arising from a contractual agreement related to the issues of the volume and quality of work performed as well as the amounts of guarantee deductions and losses.

We are acting for a large holding on the issue of challenging the cadastral value of real estate in Moscow in the Moscow City Court.

We have been employed to deal with a large foreign company’s affairs for it on the suit of the Government of Moscow to recover the amount of unjust enrichment for exceeding the volume of construction which results in the refusal of the claim.

We have acted on behalf of the defendant in the courts of general jurisdiction in a claim for the application of the consequences of invalidity of a void purchase transaction, in a claim for the recovery of unjust enrichment which results in the refusal of the claim.

We have acted on behalf of the largest producer of turkey meat in court in a claim for recovery of damages related to the supply of low-quality goods under the supply agreement which results in a settlement agreement approved by the court. We are acting for members of the Board of Directors of a bank to protect them against recovery of damages at the request of the State Corporation "Deposit Insurance Agency" at the Moscow Arbitration Court.

Legal decisions consulting

We are consulting a public law company on the conclusion of a lease agreement for the office placement in the territory of Moscow City.

We are consulting the bank (top 10) on the issues related to the search for assets and prospects for collecting the amount of the debt from the debtor in the territory and in the jurisdiction of a number of foreign countries.

We are consulting the client on the issues of challenging the tax audit report for the amount of more than 800 million rubles in the Moscow region.

We are consulting a client on corporate law and liquidation of the company.

We are consulting a claimant on the consolidated enforcement proceedings in relation to one of the largest construction divisions of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

We have consulted a major telecommunication company on the proper design of fiber-optic communication cable and the establishment of security zones for the communication line.

We advise the largest hosting provider on corporate law issues, including acting as arbitrators in emerging corporate conflicts.