INCASE is a law firm specializing in supporting the interests of participants in bankruptcy proceedings and disputing resolution in courts and other state bodies.

Lawyers of the company also advise and form legal solutions in various areas of law for our clients. In September 2017, our team for the first time began to provide some banks with all-in-one support for bankruptcy proceedings (top 5).

In 2018, our company advised a bank (top 10) on the issues related to the search for assets and prospects for collecting the amount of the debt from the debtor in the territory and in the jurisdiction of a number of foreign countries.

In March 2019, the company rebranded and moved to a new office.

Since March 2020

Since March 2020 the company has been representing in court the interests of creditors, debtors, other persons involved in the case in more than 12 constituent entities of the Russian Federation. The company's lawyers defend the interests of clients in the courts on construction and contracting issues, antitrust regulation, recovery of damages, and dispute of cadastral value. We also advise our clients on corporate law, business, tax law and other related areas of law.

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